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Schumacher SC-10030A Review

Before we get to the awesome features of the Schumacher automatic battery charger, a brief history about the company is appropriate.

Historical Reference of Schumacher Electric

This nimble firm started production in the year 1947 and has since set the standards of excellence by which all portable car chargers are judged.

Presently Schumacher Electric is the undisputed leader in manufacturing inverters, portable pump starters, and battery chargers.

Schumacher SC-10030A Review


This company has so many different kinds of portable battery chargers that they do dominate that segment of the market online.

You can shift through the wider selection of Schumacher automatic battery chargers.

Schumacher battery charger reviews

To make this Schumacher charger palatable, we have selected one of the best battery jumpers made by this firm to include in our review.

While each of the battery chargers made by Schumacher Electric has the same goal of providing instant power to dead batteries, there are few subtle differences between the many models offered by the manufacturer.

This is one of the best automatic battery chargers made by Schumacher Electric, and it’s capable of charging all the different brands of automotive batteries one can think of.

This portable charger is easy to operate and through this review we’ll show some of the great features it comes with.

Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A Features

The Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A comes with a microprocessor and push button controls with the best in digital display technology.

All this combined makes it easier for the user to select the best option needed for the quickest jumpstart.

The SC-10030A car battery booster not only can charge car battery but can also provide alternator-testing functions.

This makes it capable of displaying the amount of “juice” remaining in the dead battery. You also ascertain if the problem with the depleted battery is as a result of the vehicle’s alternator.

Within the information displayed will be the voltage settings you’ve selected to use to jump start the battery.

Schumacher battery charger reviews


The Schumacher SC-10030A is designed to charge all battery type. The different settings include deep cycle, regular, AGM or gel cell battery charging.

You have the option of charging the dead battery at a slow or fast rate.

Unfortunately, this charger has no other power option except for AC outlet charging. This is one of the reasons why this unit is prevalent among professional automobile repair shops worldwide.

The Schumacher SC-10030A auto battery booster provides a jumpstart option that is 100-amp, which is ideal for emergency situations when a quick jump start is needed.

For this automatic battery booster to work you need to plug it into an AC outlet. Within this charger is a cooling fan, which helps keep the unit from overworking and overheating itself.

The embedded microprocessor is designed to monitor the charger’s heat output while also controlling the fan in such a way that it disperses any excess heat generated.

One should be cautious and watchful while the battery charger is in testing mode, as the fan is designed not to work with that setting.

What are the charging options of Schumacher SC-10030A?

Not only is the Schumacher SC-10030A a speedy charger, but one can call it a smart charger as well.

It has an automatic micro-processing unit and an automatic multi-dimensional charging system, which enables the device to deliver booster charge for your battery quickly and most efficiently.

At first the SC-10030A will analyze your battery and then the dead battery is put through a series of charge phases that includes absorption, desulphation, float mode and bulk charging.

Within the battery charger is an option to select a fast charge which is between 12 to 30 amps or a slow charge of only 2-amp.

The trickle charge option of 2-amp is ideal for recharging smaller batteries found in moped’s or scooters. This ensures that the dead battery is not overcharged or damaged.

If you need a quick charge or desire to keep a larger battery in peak condition, the 12 to 30 amps option is your best option.

Based on various tests, the average time to fully charge a battery connected to the Schumacher SC-10030A range from one hour to five hours.

The exact charging time will depend on the power depletion level of the dead battery.

Battery Compatibility

The Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A is designed to recharge and handle all types of 6- or 12-volt batteries that are presently used on all automobiles in the world.

The compatibility will include gel cell and Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries. This quick battery booster can be used with any vehicle designed for recreation or travel.

You’re able to hook up this automatic charger to the battery found in snowmobiles, tractors, trucks, cars, SUVs, boats, RVs and motorcycles.

Within this battery charger is a deep-cycle option for those with vehicles that use deep cycle batteries instead of the usual normal starter battery.

Does it have any safety features?

Yes it does! This auto car battery booster comes with numerous safety features which provide protection during the connection and charging of the dead battery.

The cables are designed to be insulated while the clamps are made to be spark resistant. These two features substantially reduce the chances of accidental fires.

You have the choice of either charging your battery while it is still connected to your vehicle or outside of it.

The SC-10030A Schumacher automatic battery charger is designed to provide reverse polarity protection, which renders mute any problems of connecting the wrong cable to the wrong battery terminal post.

It functions by first detecting if the connections are correct before commencing the charging operation.

This comes in handy when working in poor lighting conditions or when the negative and positive markings of the depleted battery cannot be fully established.

Also this automatic battery booster from Schumacher Electric shuts off once the battery is fully charged.

This not only prevents overheating, but the issue of damage to the battery during charging becomes a moot point.

Is it Portable?

This product has a compact size and can be easily stored in your garage or the trunk of your car.

It has a built-in handle, which makes it easier to carry the device around. Within the rear of the charger is a neatly embedded storage area for the jumper cables and clamps.

These are the features that help to keep the cables hidden while not in use.

This Schumacher automatic battery charger weighs only 14 pounds and can be easily lifted and positioned for quick charging.

Warranty and Support

The warranty for this product is two years. Be sure to register your purchase on the manufacturer’s website using your product number.

The navigation through the website is not the best we have seen, but it’s workable at providing the needed information.

We found the frequently asked question page to be full of answers to issues that might arise.

You can also locate user’s manual for this quick battery booster. You can initiate support services through email or the phone.

For phone inquiries, the hour of operation is from 7:00am – 5:00pm central standard time (CST).

Schumacher SpeedCharge SC-10030A best price

Based on all the features of this product, those needing an excellent automatic car charger should consider the Schumacher battery maintainer.

Not only is the Schumacher instant power able to bring back dead battery to live, it also has the ability to charge different types of batteries in our present day automobiles.

A good price for this Schumacher jump starter can be found at the link below!