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Review of the Actron CP9575 Autoscanner

The modern car and truck presently available for purchase are very complicated to diagnose to say the least. If your search engine light were to come on, it would be futile to determine what is wrong with your automobile without the right best Obd2 scanner.

That car or truck you love so much would soon act up, and the best way to find out what is wrong is by using a best Obd2 scanner. In this Actron CP9575 review, you’ll learn about the features that allow you to get up to date data from your vehicle.

Knowledge is power, and with the information you can get from this best Obd ii scanner you’ll have an idea what exactly is wrong with your vehicle.

The power of the professional grade Actron CP9575 Autoscanner is comparable to what you get with the more expensive Obd2 scanners, yet you can purchase it today for much less than you think.

The Actron Autoscanner CP9575 is one of the best and easiest ways to diagnose and fix your car’s Check Engine Light. This best Obd2 scanner can be used on vehicles 1996 to present, spotting the OBD 2 and CAN logo.

This auto tool is extremely easy to use, even if you have no prior experience with auto scanners. With the power of the Actron Obd2 scanner you’re able to determine the emissions status of your automobile, right before you take it in for the yearly state emission inspection.

Just like other Actron built auto scanners, the CP9575 not only is simple to use, but it has all the latest auto codes for best scan results, regardless of make or model.

Actron CP9575 Autoscanner


All you do is plug it in and it will instantly communicate with your vehicles embedded computer system to determine the exact cause of any problem.

Since the Actron CP9575 has a feature that makes it function as a code reader, it will display real live data as it looks through your car’s system.

This is the professional way to accurately diagnose any problems. In fact, the whole scanning process can take minutes as compared to the old ways of checking every system in your vehicle for signs of trouble.

Overview Video of the CP9575

Actron CP9575 Auto Scanner Key Features

Latest USB connectivity

One of the best aspects of having USB connection is the ability to keep the auto scanner unit updated in real time. Each diagnosis you conduct with the Actron CP9575 uses the latest vehicle codes and data.

Getting the most recent codes is as simple as plugging the device into your computer or PC system using the provided USB cable.

Best State OBD checking ability

With the state OBD check feature, you’re able to determine if your vehicle will pass the emissions test required by most states in America.

Any problems that shows up in the scan can be fixed before you take your vehicle in for the emission inspection, thus saving you time and money.

In some states you’re charged an additional fee for retesting if your car fails the emission test the first time.

Comes with over 15,000 codes

Not only does the Actron CP9575 Autoscanner have over 15,000 generic codes, it also contains unique codes that are specific to your vehicle’s make and model.

Nothing else is faster at finding and solving lurking problems that may be present in your automobile.

Other Additional features

It has a freeze frame ability, which you can use to temporarily stop the emitted data. This is handy when you come across problem areas as the scan is ongoing.

You do not need any special reading glasses, as the display screen for the Actron Autoscanner CP9575 is large enough to show clear and easy to read data.

The auto scanning device is simple to use and can be operated with just one hand.

If you need additional help with any scanned information you have instant access to RepairPath.com, a site capable of providing additional latest diagnostic and repair information.

This best Obd ii scanner is CAN protocol compliant, and can display up to 6 different modes of data along with at least three language translations if needed.

What about the Company?

Any automotive product your buy is just as good as the manufacturer behind it. Actron Obd2 scanner is an SPX Brand product, and the company has been in existence for over 40 years.

Some of the best up to date test and high performance automotive diagnostic equipment is made by this company.

Within the company’s website are ample resources for those looking for technical details and best auto codes. You can also access training manuals and products specs with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Is the Actron CP9575 the best Obd2 scanner?

From some of the features listed above, I will say it’s one of the best. When you look online at industry magazines and publications, the Actron Obd2 scanner gets high marks for durability and performance.

When you consider the affordable cost of the product and the good approval rating from existing customers, the Actron CP9575 should be in contention for the best Obd ii scanner ever made.