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OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool Review

The OBDLink MX Bluetooth has been fully optimized to work seamlessly and faster with Bluetooth technology. If you are looking for one of the smallest ODB adapters on the market right now, this is the tool you need. Users have full access to OBDII protocols as well as MS CAN and SW CAN networks.

Tired of slow and sluggish speeds with Android apps? The MX can speed these up by 25% and an incredible 400% on PC software.

OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool


The MX allows for more graph points in addition to frequent screen refreshes. The MS CAN and SW CAN protocols are supposed.

The MX also allows for the user to leave it plugged in continuously to the car’s battery. The MX was designed with an auto sleep function.

The included check engine light has the ability to be cleared or read. As an owner of the MX tool, you have full access to all the diagnostic codes to make the correct decision every time.

The MX IS supported by Smartphones, PC’s, and tablets. In order to access diagnostic tools and monitor you system performance, you can log into your computer network, Symbian device, or any Android phone.

Unfortunately, the MX is incompatible with any Apple products. If you are looking for a similar tool for your iPad or IPhone, the Bluedriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool would work well.

The MX tool has been designed to work with virtually all vehicles. The MX has been designed with a complex algorithm, which will work on a variety of OBDII-compliant vehicles.

A bonus with the product is the OBDwiz, a license for Windows that is included for free.

The tool has been designed to work with a variety of products. The MX features superior compatibility that allows it to function with a wide variety of apps and software.

The Bluetooth MX tool has been engineered to offer the user one of the fastest diagnostic interfaces on the market today. This interface will work with any vehicle that has been manufactured after 1996 and was sold in the United States.

There is no other tool available that will give you the speed and performance of the MX. In fact, on recent tests, the MX proved to be four times the speed than its best competitors.

As you know the best speed is useless without a solid performance. The MX will provide you with the most accurate gauges and performance with your choice of apps and software.

THE OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool Features the Best In Sleep and Wakeup Functions

The MX features the very best in sleep and wake-up functions. While these are engaged you can be sure that your battery will not be drained during periods of nonuse.

Many other devices on the market cannot be turned off while the car is dormant. Simply meaning you will have to reach under the car seat and reach under the dashboard to remove the device.

That would be the only way to keep the device from draining your battery dry.

The MX tool will work with OBD-II, single-wire CAN and medium-speed CAN network. In addition, it has the ability to wirelessly connect to all OBD-II protocols. The MX can be used in ALL Mazda, GM, and Ford automotive networks.

If you own a GM vehicle you have the ability to open windows, lock doors, and start the engine all from the comfort of your home or office.

This is in part to the obdCAnex app from Android. We really suggest you learn more about the obdCAnex app if you want to get the most your of your MX unit.

OBDLink MX Bluetooth Scan Tool Review

If you have any questions regarding the obdCAnex app, there are many video tutorials showing the app in action. A free app is included with the ScanTool OBDLink MX Tool for Android and PC diagnostics.

Effective Security From Hackers

While the MX tool is not designed as a security tool, it does have some simple, yet effective security measures. All users will have to be authorized in order to use the device physically.

You are assured a 128-bit encryption with the Bluetooth connection between the MX and any Android phone or PC.

This is military grade encryption, more secure than the average person would need on a daily basis. However, this is the type of encryption that will protect from any Man-In-The-Middle attacks.

Peace Of Mind From Technology

Not only will you be receiving peace of mind from the security and user-friendly aspects of the MX tool, but from the incredible warranty.

The MX comes with an unprecedented three-year repair warranty. If you are having any type of technical issues with installation of software, ScanTool offers the best in free support.

There is no other device on the market right now that is so versatile and ready to work with so many vehicles, apps, and software.