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iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder Review


This is the best-selling and most affordable cell phone dash mount you can buy online. The suction or sticky pad is very strong and secure once installed.

This iottie car mount has a flawless design and can accommodate most smartphones even when you have cases on them.


Despite a 96% approval rating, some users complained might shake as you drive over rough terrain.

Bottom Line:

This is the universal cell phone car mount you want to purchase if you drive. You can get the iottie easy one touch 1 or the newer model iottie easy one touch 2.

The product is well designed, truly affordable and will deliver an awesome distraction-free driving experience. The iottie easy one touch 2 car mount holder can be called the best, based on so many positive customer reviews.

Features of the iOttie smartphone holder for car

How many times have you answered your iPhone or smartphone while driving? While it is against the law, many drivers take the chance.

New York and many other states are cracking down hard, with stiff fines and multiple points on your license. You could avoid all the hassle, by just getting your own smartphone car mount.

One of the best ones on the market today is iottie windshield-dashboard car mount holder.

It attaches securely to your windshield and will not block your driving view while still enabling you to answer you cell phone without getting a fine.

iOttie smartphone holder for car


The iOttie Easy One Touch phone holder for cars is designed for top-notch functionality.

This product comes with an easy to use one-touch feature, designed to make it easy to mount and release the cell phone car mount with just the push of a finger.

This iottie easy one-touch smartphone car mount has a sticky gel pad that’s super strong, designed to easily stick securely to most flat smooth surfaces.

It can also be attached to most non-curved surfaces, and yet it is extremely easy to remove. The lifetime stickiness of the gel pad is infinite.

To refresh the stickiness gel, just rinse it with warm water, give it a few minutes to air dry and the iottie one-touch mount will function just when you first opened the package, like new.

It matters not if your smartphone is protected by a case or a skin, this cell phone car mount will securely grip your digital device, allowing you to drive with total confidence.

iOttie’s Super Sticky Gel Pad is certainly patented, and made from sticky strong adhesives. The gel pad car mount is designed to vacuum into place, and will not move once locked.

The material and design concept is nothing short of revolutionary in its implementation. Washing the gel pad with warm water, is what rejuvenates the suction back into mint condition.

iOttie car mount comes with fully adjustable features. It has 360° rotation capacity, which allows for quick landscape and portrait positions.

When you consider the iottie easy one-touch has a modifiable base, along with a rotatable mount, you’re guaranteed optimal viewing from almost every angle of your car.

iOttie Easy One Touch 2 Car Mount Holder


Easy Methods for Installing and Removing the iOttie Mount:

To install the easy car mount:

1- You must first thoroughly clean the surface where you intend to place the car mount.
2- The bottom of the gel pad has a plastic covering, you need to remove it.
3- Just take the gel pad and attach it to the ideal location you had in mind.
4- Finally, just pull down the lever located above the gel pad, to lock it securely in that spot.

To remove the easy mount:

1- First you need to pull up the lever above the gel pad and that unlocks the grip.
2- Now, gently pull the tab backward.
3- Now you can pull the tab up, so fresh air can get under the gel pad.
4- Lastly, gently, without applying any force remove the car mount from the surface.

How to Place Your Phone Using the One Touch Locking Feature:

You certainly can place you smartphone into the car mount without much struggle, all with just a push of a finger.

1- Press the quick release button located on the side of the iOttie car mount. This will release the lock.

2- Next, you place your phone into the mount and it locks when you push it into the mount.

3- That’s it, your phone is now ready for use.

4- To release a phone, simply push the side buttons and you’re good to go.

iOttie Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder is only compatible with the following smartphone:

Apple iPhone 6/5/4/4S/3GS
HTC One/8X/8S
Samsung Galaxy S4/S3/S2
Blackberry Q10 & Z10
Nokia Lumia 925/928/920
Motorola Droid RAZR/MAXX/HD
LG Optimus G/Nexus 4

If you drive and like to talk while driving you need this universal cell phone car mount.

With speed traps and cops watching out for drivers using smartphones while driving, the iottie easy one touch 2 car mount holder is just what you need.

This is the best iPhone 5 car mount to use, and it also fits other smartphone brands as listed above. This is a great product, and most customers love it. Read the reviews and see for yourself.