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Drop Stop Car Wedge Review

I have lost count how many times items dropped into the empty space between my car seat and the center console. Now there is a product called Drop stop that promises to fix that.

Before we get to the simple features of this car gap filler that was featured on Shark Tank, let me tell you about my close brush with death because of a distracted driver.

Drop Stop Car Wedge Review


While I was in college, I hitched a ride to my distant job and almost got killed in what would have been a ghastly accident.

The driver dropped his cell phone into that famous empty space next to the center console and he bent down to retrieve it, thereby taking his eye off the road for just a few seconds.

Those few seconds proved crucial as we had a semi-trailer heading towards us. I yelled at the driver to look up and he swerved the car into a nearby empty space on the side of the highway.

He was only distracted for just a few seconds, but that is all it takes to create disastrous accidents.

What is so unique about the drop stop automotive car seat gap filler?

I wish I thought about the idea first! If you drive, I am sure you’ve had moments whereby your stuff fell into the empty space of your car seat.

This patented product prevents loose change, keys, smartphones, pens, gums, bottle caps, jewelry, makeup, food and much more from getting into the gap in your car seat next to the console.

Let’s see some of the Unique Features of the stop drop

This car seat wedge will help prevent dangerous distractions while you’re driving

This drop stops car seat wedge is designed with a universal appeal because it can fit in between your car’s seat and console. This is a one size fits all car seat gap filler product.

How do you attach the Drop Stop

The stop drop is made from high-grade NEOPRENE. This highly versatile synthetic rubber is not only flexible and durable, but it’s as strong as can be.

The material can easily be cleaned. It’s best if you wipe off all dirt with a damp soapy cloth. It dries quickly!

How do you attach the Drop Stop?

The car gap filler has a unique hole that fits all car seat belt holders. Just slip it in and watch as it completely covers the empty spaces that used to accept all your personal items.

This is a one-stop installation, and can be done in less than three minutes.

Just like any successful product, this car wedge filler has attracted a legion of copycats and where to buy drop stop is included in the provided link below.

If you drive, you need the cheap drop stop car seat gap filler. It helps prevent distraction while keeping your stuff where you can see them.

For the price of one, you get two drop stop car wedge filler. One for the driver seat, the other one for the passenger seat.

For those seeking where to buy drop stop for less, just follow the link below!