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Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Review

Chances are if you have a car or truck, you have used a product made by Bosch in one form or another. Bosch is a German Conglomerate that has been in existence since 1886. This company makes electrical drives, fuel systems, starter motors, steering systems, Bosch evolution wiper blades and other industrial products.

I will try to review some of the best wiper blades made by Bosch, and most can deliver the needed value for your money. There are several models, and some of them have the unique patented beam designs.

Bosch icon wipers are manufactured with the latest rubber technology, which makes it last at least 40% longer, as compared with other top rated brands of wiper blades. The wiper blades from this company all have unique customized fit, and the performance is beloved by millions of customers worldwide.

10 of the Best Bosch wiper blades You Can Buy for Less

1 – Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 24A ICON Wiper Blade


While Bosch offers some of the best wiper blades there are, I found that these didn’t live up to what I thought they would.

After about four weeks, they did start leaving some streaks (granted though, it is winter, and the ice specs on the windshield could have damaged the blade).

They did work extremely well though for the first few weeks. I would give them a four-star rating (just because it could have been my fault).

Great price compared to many of the other brands out there and they do offer a wider variety for makes and models of vehicles.

Overall, pretty happy with the purchase and will purchase from Bosch again, but maybe not this particular wiper blade. You live and learn!

2 – Bosch 22A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 22A ICON Wiper Blade

One of the best purchases of wiper blades I ever could have made. These have lasted me for over a year of use and wear and tear.

It’s only after a year of use that it has started to streak and not catch all the water and dirt on the windshield.

Bosch is the only company I purchase wiper blades from because of the durability, the life quality, and the price.

While they are a little pricier than most wiper brands, it is well worth the extra few bucks for the time that you will have these.

Also, they were incredibly easy to install compared to some of the other brands. Overall, 100 percent satisfied with my purchase and will recommend to everyone! I wouldn’t buy any other!

3 – Bosch 26A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 26A ICON Wiper Blade

One of the best wiper blades purchase I have made. I used to use Rain-X and found that Rain-X blades don’t remove half the dirt and water that these ones from Bosch remove.

The Rain-X also doesn’t last as long as these. I have had these on for just about a year and I think I still have some life left in them (just bought another pair to be prepared though).

The old ones came off and these were on in less than five minutes, so installation is incredibly fast and easy.

I have a vehicle that parts are hard come by, but Bosch had several options of blades for my car, which was nice since many brands only offer one option. Would definitely recommend!

4 – Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 19B ICON Wiper Blade

I’m not sure if I would recommend this particular Bosch wiper blade or not. While it started out strong (no streaking, no missed water, etc.) after just a few month I noticed the rubber part of the blade started to not work too well anymore.

The rubber part got torn while sliding over little specs of ice and from then on they just didn’t work too well. It may be the weather that impacted my judgment of these, but I would have thought that they would withstand a little winter weather better than they did.

Bosch usually has high-quality products, so I was a little surprised with these. I’m going to try another brand and see how they work, but if that fails, will try these again and give them a second chance.

5 – Bosch 21A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 21A ICON Wiper Blade

I bought these wipers on impulse since I needed new ones and didn’t really know much about the brand (but they were on sale, so figured they would be just as good as any other brand really).

I was wrong. These are MUCH BETTER than any other brand could be! I used to use just any old brand and never considered each one carefully, but after the first few times using this one I was impressed that they could hold up to the weather and the wear.

I would really recommend these because of the durability. They offer a large variety too, so will probably purchase for my second vehicle as well. Very impressed with Bosch and will definitely be my go-to wiper blades from now on!

6 – Bosch 20A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 20A ICON Wiper Blade

I would not be recommending this wiper blade at all. First, the blade seemed a little shorter than it should have been (around an inch short). Was not happy with that all. Secondly, it started to streak after just a few weeks (probably about two months’ worth).

It wasn’t just one streak line either, it was multiple lines. Finally, the rubber piece on the bottom stuck to my windshield and tore when the blade came up. I finally had it with this wiper blade and opted for a different brand.

I was surprised too because I see how many people recommend this Bosch company and I see a lot of good reviews, so was really disappointed in this purchase. Would not recommend, not even if they were free!

7 – Bosch 18A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 18A ICON Wiper Blade

Initially, I bought the wrong size wiper blade but got this one as a replacement. It is a little larger than what the guy at the part store told me I needed, but I wanted it to cover more of the windshield (so I got a shorter one for the passenger side and that did the trick).

Cleaned the windshield, hugged the glass with no streaking, and didn’t make that annoying squeaky groaning noise across the glass.

I found that the rubber part of the blade can get a little dirty and leave a little streaking if it isn’t cleaned up sometimes, and was told by the parts guy that a little Windex and a paper towel gently across the rubber should fix it and it did, so these are still brand new almost eight months later! What a deal!

8 – Bosch 26OE ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 26OE ICON Wiper Blade

Overall, this is an impressive blade from the Bosch Company. I liked that it didn’t streak (even after six months use so far), it didn’t make any noises going across the glass, the blade hugged the glass evenly, and it worked perfectly.

It is a little higher in price than other highly recommended brands like the Rain-X Company, but I think that they work better.

It was an easy on and easy off for blade replacement too. It took less than three minutes to swap the blade out.

The only thing I noticed that I didn’t like was that the little clip piece that holds the blade was a little bulkier than the last time I purchased. It may be a new design or I just didn’t notice until now, but doesn’t really affect anything.

9 – Bosch 13A ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 13A ICON Wiper Blade

If you live in a warmer climate, these are perfect for you. If you live in the colder regions, don’t waste your money. They worked just fine until the weather started dipping into the 20’s and 30’s

The rubber piece of the blade stuck to the windshield (without snow or ice on the glass either) and the blade tore of course. The blade is supposed to be good for down to those 20 degree days, but obviously not.

Also, the cold seems to cause streaks (almost like the rubber shrinks?) I would recommend to someone in a warmer area since I have had good experiences with Bosch, but this was not a good purchase for the cold this time.

10 – Bosch 20B ICON Wiper Blade

Bosch 20B ICON Wiper Blade


I would and I wouldn’t recommend this wiper blade. It depends on the hassle you want to have. It does what it is supposed to do, no streaks, no chattering in high speeds, cleans well.

The problem though is that the clips are somewhat bulky and if you don’t like them up just right they don’t go in right. I thought I had actually broken one when I heard a weird clip noise.

It’s a really tight fit and a little bulky. Took me about fifteen minutes to change the blades, when it normally takes about five.

The quality of the functioning though was perfect like Bosch always has been! It’s a good price too when you consider the brand and the quality of the work the blade really does once you get it on! I’d give it a 4 star!