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How to Find The Best Battery Chargers For Cars

If you just bought a new car and you’re asking – why you should buy a battery charger; this battery charger review will give you some valid reasons why.

A dead battery problem can occur at any time without prior warning. It might be because you left your lights on, or your car battery is much older and running out of “juice”.

Irrespective of the reasons why you have a depleted battery, the experience of being stranded when your battery is drained is not a pleasant one.

With a good battery charger, you can easily recharge or maintain your boat, automobile, RV, motorcycle or other recreational vehicle batteries.

In this car battery charger reviews, we’ll look closely at the top rated brands, like the Black and Decker Smart Battery VEC1093DBD, the NPower Automatic B004APJN0E, the Duracell Powerpack 600 and the Battery Tender Plus.

Best Battery Chargers For Cars


Factors That Helps to Determine Best Automotive Battery Charger

If you think all car battery chargers have the same compatibility, functions or charging rates, you’re in for a surprise after reading this article.

Your aim is to look for a charging unit that can handle the type of battery you have in your vehicle.

If you don’t want to deal with finding an AC outlet to plug in the charger, my advice is for you to look for a jump starter or battery booster with portability features built-in.

If you have other types of recreational vehicles or lawn mowers, why not seek a charger with the ability to also charge lower voltage batteries.

The tips listed below will provide you ways you can use to find the best auto battery charger for your needs.

What about Battery Compatibility?

You should know that batteries can be manufactured from different materials, and some battery jump starters are designed to only charge certain kinds.

At present, the most popular types of batteries you can find are gel cell, absorbed glass mat and lead-acid.

There are also some unique chargers with the added ability to charge deep-cycle batteries, which are commonly used in recreation vehicles and boats.

Better to seek out a battery booster with the ability to handle the types of batteries your automobile use.

What about Charging Options?

The most important reason to buy a battery charger with various charging options is the added ability to use it on other digital devices.

Most of the top rated battery chargers have multiple charging rates you can select from, which can range from 2 amps to 40 amps.

Based on the condition of your dead battery and type, some of the battery chargers reviewed can completely charge your vehicle’s battery in less than one hour.

Better to invest in a charger that has the power to resurrect your dead battery in as little time as possible.

Important Features

best auto battery charger


The best automotive battery charger can have an assortment of features, which includes very easy to use controls, fast or slow charge rate and digital displays that shows you the status of your depleted battery and charging level.

It has Microprocessors; you’ll be able to just connect your drained battery while the charger automatically selects an ideal charging method.

You should be mindful that some battery chargers will only function with power from an AC outlet.

If you do buy one with jump start capabilities, you simply charge it and then store it in your vehicle until it’s needed.

Other notable feature you’ll find in a well-designed battery booster includes testing functions for the battery and alternator. Some can even test if the cooling fan in your automobile is working as it should.

Best of all, you should buy a charger that comes with at least 100 solid cold-cranking amps power. The better the cranking amps rating the quicker your drained battery can get charged.

Some of the highly rated battery boosters are designed to provide a short-term power supply with AC outlets you can use to plug in other digital devices like cell phones, power tools or tablets.

What to Look For in Safety Features

The good brands will have embedded safety measures to keep you safe from any potential problem from your depleted battery while you’re trying to bring it back to life.

Seek to buy battery boosters with counter-measures to prevent overcharging or problems from reverse polarity.

A good automotive battery charger will have the ability to shut itself off automatically once the drained battery is fully charged. Also, seek a unit with spark resistant and insulated clamps.

These safety measures are what you need to prevent property fire that can be started by sparks or explosions resulting from improper cable connections.

Do You Need Portability?

You have to first determine what you’ll be using the battery charger for. If your desire is to get a quick boost or jump for your car battery, you should seek a model that is lightweight and can be easily stored in the trunk of your automobile.

Some of the heavy duty car battery chargers have wheels, which might make it less portable.

If you buy a portable battery charger, you’ll be in a position to get a quick jump start for your battery almost anywhere.

When you have the best auto battery charger, you’ll put to rest all issues about your vehicle’s battery status and maintenance.

Just like having car insurance, you have to get your own battery charger before the need for it materializes.

2 Best Battery Chargers for Cars

Black and Decker Smart Battery VEC1093DBD

Everyone is aware of the company that makes black and decker products. This top rated battery charger is designed to be compatible with gel cell and absorbed glass mat batteries.

This best auto battery charger is capable of charging almost every type of battery, and can be found in a good mechanic shop.

Black and Decker Smart Battery VEC1093DBD


The smart car auto charger has a micro processing unit that’s able to control the battery charging functions.

Within the device are four charging rates you can select from. The control panel is located right below the handle and has easy to use buttons.

It has a digital display technology that shows you the battery type and charging status.

Some of the safety features included in the design is an overload protection and an automatic shut-off system.

The battery booster will display an error code and not function if you connect the jump cables the wrong way.

The clamps are insulated and spark resistant, which helps to negate the issue of reverse polarity.

The Smart Battery from black and decker has a concealed cable storage area, making it easier to store the unit.

This charging unit weighs only eleven pounds and comes with 3 feet long cables.

The Black and Decker Smart Battery VEC1093DBD unit not only has all the needed features for a quick charge, but it’s truly affordable.

NPower Automatic B004APJN0E

This is another quick jumpstarter that is also popular among professional mechanics and consumers worldwide.

This unit has overheating protection along with one of the best reverse polarity features.

Within this best auto battery charger is an automatic microprocessor, which can handle all charging request, thus making it easier to handle.

It has a digital display that shows you the charge rate, the battery’s charge level and whether the charge has been completed or not.

NPower Automatic B004APJN0E


The NPower Automatic battery charger is designed to offer different charging options including 12, 8 or 2 amps. You can use this battery booster on almost any type of battery.

While it’s not as powerful as chargers with 40 amp settings, this jump starter is ideal for those seeking to revive a dead battery or maintain one that is running low on power.

This device can self-monitor and will shut-off automatically once the charging is complete.

It has features to prevent reverse polarity, and will recognize if you hooked up the battery cables the wrong way.

This portable battery charger weighs about 3.5 pounds but lacks a carry handle. Not only is the charging unit affordable, it can be easily stored in the trunk of your vehicle.