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Autel AutoLink AL519 Code Reader Review

The modern automobile is far complicated than most would care to admit. It is now possible to determine what is wrong with your vehicle by using the latest auto code reader from a company called Autel AutoLink.

The Autel AutoLink AL519 EOBD/OBD II Code Reader comes with a color screen and is a high-quality, Scan Tool. The Autel AL519 can save you lots of time trying to diagnose what is wrong with your vehicle.

It can not only help diagnose what your problem is, but it also comes with thousands of helpful troubleshooting tips so that you really can fix whatever the problem is.

For all automotive enthusiasts, no matter what their level is and including hobbyists, diagnostic tools and electronics are becoming increasingly important.

There are so many more electronics in modern cars than vehicles in the past, including ones that you might not be used to.

Autel AutoLink AL519 EOBD/OBD II Code Reader


If you’re trying to work on any car that was manufactured after 1996, you’ll need to have some kind of diagnostic tool just to be able to turn certain lights off and be able to understand engine readouts.

Scan Tool Features

The tool retrieves lots of information very easily and quickly, including manufacturer specific and generic codes and pending codes, along with the vehicle’s VIN, CVN and CIN information.

You can use it for resetting system monitors, turning off your check engine light and clearing codes. This EOBD/OBD II Scan tool is portable and lightweight.

It can be used just about anywhere. So you don’t have to feel tied down to the workbench inside your garage.

The tool comes with a popular and unique one-click I/M readiness feature. This makes it very easy to perform state emission readiness checks quickly and painlessly drive cycle verification.

This tool works with any vehicle that was manufactured in 1996 or later. It includes imports as well as domestic vehicles.

Main electrical power isn’t needed. You can operate it using the 12V battery inside whatever vehicle you’re testing. This tool comes with both a USB cable and software.

When there are updates for the device’s firmware or software, all you need to do is use your internet connection to download them and then use the USB interface to install them. There is no extra charge for the software updates from the manufacturer.

Autel AL519 Benefits

The scan tool’s screen has a 320A-240 resolution. However, even with vibrant colors, it is easy and clear to read. That’s important since readouts only display on the screen, instead of feeding into an attached laptop as well.

The scan tool is affordable and lightweight. It works with any vehicle that is ODB II compatible. This tool is an absolute must have if you own a garage or just love working on your own cars.

It reads trouble codes and provides useful “freeze data” starting at the time the code was first created. The trouble codes can be reset and you are provided with live views of these codes, and they are given in real time.

As many as three sessions can be recorded, each being a couple minutes long. You can then review these later on your PC. That makes it every easy and convenient to diagnose even problems that are fairly complex.

In January 2014, an update of the tool was released by Autel to ensure it would be compatible with vehicles manufactured by GM.

Overall Impressions

This is an excellent first ODB II scanner for a majority of individuals. It is relatively affordable, portable and quite easy to use. It does what is says it will do.

It’s reliable enough to enable a majority of individuals to scan their cars. Also, there are some nice extras that come with it, like the software CD, USB cable, and required ODB2 cable and fabric storage case.

This specific tool has a much higher performance and better quality than, for example, the 509 clone. The price is great too. The troubleshooting tips and color screen are also great features, making it very easy to use.

The speaker is very clear and it has an easy to read display. It comes with a six-foot long cable, which ensures that you will always be able to comfortably position your scanner while working with it.

Attention to these small details is what helps to set this specific ODB II scanner apart from its competitors.

Final Thoughts

Having a best obd2 scanner tool saves you money and time. Vehicles are much more complicated these days. Every once in a while a warning light will come on.

That makes you start to worry about how much you are going to have to spend to get your car fixed.

If you own a scan tool, then it can be used to check to see what the problem might be without needing to take you car to a repair shop.

Even if a mechanic does need to see your car, you can at least know you won’t be charged for any repairs you really don’t need.

For light vehicle maintenance and regular use, you really can’t go wrong selecting the Autel AL519. It’s definitely a great buy and can serve you for a very long time.